[ejabberd] S2S TLS problem

Nikolaus Polak Nik at np-Edv.at
Fri Feb 23 17:01:20 MSK 2007

Small update: S2S connections between jabber.linuxlovers.at and amessage.info are working again, 
Matthias Wimmer changed his server configuration a bit (added lines like "<host 
name='jabber.linuxlovers.at' tls='no'/> " to his jabberd 1.4-configfile).
It seems the problem only exists when his jabberd with gnutls acts as tls-client and my ejabberd 
1.1.2 acts as tls-server, any ideas ?

Nikolaus Polak wrote:
> Since yesterday my ejabberd daemon (running jabber.linuxlovers.at) 
> crashes when opening an S2S/TLS connection to amessage.info, all other 
> S2S connections are ok like always. I have no idea where the problem 
> could be, so I'll give you now some information and perhaps somebody 
> knows what happening :)
> jabber.linuxlovers.at: ejabberd 1.1.2, erlang 10B10, openssl 0.9.8d
> amessage.info: GnuTLS with support for compression
> Thanks to Matthias Wimmer, he said he could disable TLS between our 
> servers for a while, but its surely not the best solution...
> One note to the logfiles: In sasl.log the last line is more than 5 
> minutes older than in ejabberd.log, so I don't think it makes sence to 
> post it.

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