[ejabberd] How to compile mysql modules?

Dmitri project1 at sharedlog.com
Tue Feb 27 04:38:10 MSK 2007

Kevin Jackson wrote:

> Hi,
>> I just downloaded the mysql modules from svn
>> There are no instructions on how to build them. Sorry, but I have not
>> heard of ERlang untill yesterday.
>>  How do I build these .beam files from the .erl files?
> I've only done this with Linux as I don't have experience with the
> Microsoft toolchain...
> I downloaded the source from the repository and then I ran
> cd ejabberd/src
> ./configure
> make
> This built the erl files into the .beam compiled files - modifying any
> of the files required another make.
>> Please tell me how to do this
>> thank you.
> Thanks,
> Kev
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Well, I want to install it on linux server which is at a hosting 
company, so I have ssh and ftp access but no GUI.
this is fine for ./configure  and make for the ejabberd itself, but I 
was asking about the mysql odbc module with is a separate download from 
svn and it has 4 .erl files, one Makefile.in and one mysql.hrl
the instruction mentions only where to copy the .beam files, I suppose 
after they have been build, but I need to know exactly how to build 
them, I mean do I just run 'make' (there is no configure script)
or do I need to use some sort of ERlang specific compiler?

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