[Norton AntiSpam] Re: [ejabberd] How to compile mysql modules?

Tilman Bender tbender at stud.hs-heilbronn.de
Tue Feb 27 13:54:57 MSK 2007

To be honest:

I do not know why there is a Makefile.in, but I am sure others will know.
I think I tried make but it told me there were no targets (propably because 
its a Makefile.in and not a complete Makefile) so I just built the modules 
one by one.

A hint in the documentation might indeed be helpful here ;)
As it comes to documentation: Is there some sort of Developer-Documentation?
I would really like to productively participate in this project, so some kind 
of "how-thing-work" document apart from the code would be very useful, 
especially for people just starting on Erlang ;)


Am Dienstag, 27. Februar 2007 02:30 schrieb Dmitri:
> But why is there also a Makefile.in file in that folder together with
> the 4 .erl files?
> Usually Makefile.in is for gcc
> does this mean I can just run 'make'?

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