[Norton AntiSpam] Re: [ejabberd] How to compile mysql modules?

Jaco Kroon jaco at kroon.co.za
Tue Feb 27 14:03:19 MSK 2007

Tilman Bender wrote:
> To be honest:
> I do not know why there is a Makefile.in, but I am sure others will know.
> I think I tried make but it told me there were no targets (propably because 
> its a Makefile.in and not a complete Makefile) so I just built the modules 
> one by one.

Are you sure there is no configure script?  configure.in?  Any other .in 
files?  What happens is that the .in file is used by the autoconf set of 
of tools to produce the required files.  So Makefile.in will be used to 
generate Makefile, this usually happens when you run ./configure, which 
is why I find it really peculiar that there is no configure script.

> A hint in the documentation might indeed be helpful here ;)

Actually, it's probably assumed that you know the above, but I suspect 
somebody forgot to include the configure script, or as you say, a hint 
in the docs :).


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