[Norton AntiSpam] Re: [Norton AntiSpam] Re: [ejabberd] How to compile mysql modules?

Dmitri project1 at sharedlog.com
Tue Feb 27 17:53:32 MSK 2007

Jaco Kroon wrote:

> Tilman Bender wrote:
>> To be honest:
>> I do not know why there is a Makefile.in, but I am sure others will 
>> know.
>> I think I tried make but it told me there were no targets (propably 
>> because its a Makefile.in and not a complete Makefile) so I just 
>> built the modules one by one.
> Are you sure there is no configure script?  configure.in?  Any other 
> .in files?  What happens is that the .in file is used by the autoconf 
> set of of tools to produce the required files.  So Makefile.in will be 
> used to generate Makefile, this usually happens when you run 
> ./configure, which is why I find it really peculiar that there is no 
> configure script.
>> A hint in the documentation might indeed be helpful here ;)
> Actually, it's probably assumed that you know the above, but I suspect 
> somebody forgot to include the configure script, or as you say, a hint 
> in the docs :).
> Jaco
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I am sure there are no configure script.

I also don't know what is the purpose of mysql.hrl file
here is the complete contents of that mysql.hrl: (I wonder what it's for?)
%% MySQL result record:

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