[ejabberd] what to use to write plugin for ejabbered?

Dmitri project1 at sharedlog.com
Tue Feb 27 22:44:26 MSK 2007

Hello again.
I am still learning more about ejabbered.
what I really needed it for is to have a couple of applications that 
would utilize instant messaging:

1) script to send IM to subscribed users , for example user can 
subscribe to be notified of certain event
(like when the new program is ready for download or after a new svn 
commit is made or when server monitor determines that web server is 
down, it will send IM to admin)

2) I also need application that would act as a client. When any user 
sends an IM to this specific username,
it will be received by an application and message will be processed.

What I want to do is - a user will be able to post to his blog via IM 
client - just send an IM
to special account (username) and it will be received by a program that 
will compare the sender to
the accouns if database and if that sender has a blog account, it will 
post the message to his blog.

I would preffer to use perl, my second choice would be java or python
I looked at Net::XMPP in perl, but not sure how to add plugin written in 
perl to ejabbered.

maybe someone has already wrote similar plugins? I would appreciate any 
good advice.

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