[ejabberd] audio/video chat clients

Dmitri project1 at sharedlog.com
Tue Feb 27 23:53:53 MSK 2007

Sander Devrieze wrote:

> On 2/27/07, Dmitri <project1 at sharedlog.com> wrote:
>> another question: I saw a post of ejabbered forum that basically says
>> that ejabbered is already has capability to have video/audio chat and
>> it's just up to the client.
>> Sounds good, but what clients have this capability?
> Coccinella e.g. has audio chat support, and if you really want video
> chat in Coccinella, I'm pretty sure you can pay the author to
> implement it.
>> also, I looked at wildfire xmpp server and they recently released a beta
>> plugin that uses Red5 server to provide video/audio chat capabilities.
>> So, why does wildfire need Red5 for this to work and ejabbered does not?
> I don't know why they need Red5. I guess it is just some marketing 
> feature.
>> I mean, they both use the same xmpp protocol, or does ejabbered has some
>> extra functionality for video/audio chat?
> video/audio chat is P2P between the clients, so nothing special in
> your Jabber server is needed.
Thank you. I'll check that coccinella. I've never heard of it before.
as far as marketing feature, I'm not sure what you mean? Do you mean to 
make people buy red5 server?
I don't think so because red5 is open source and free.
maybe it makes a video look better? I mean, it is a streaming server for 
actually the red5 even includes a sample video chat program in it, so it 
can be used for video chat without xmpp, it even has a group video chat 
for up to 12 people.

I think a red5 plugin makes it possible to use a user database from 
jabber server and jabber client and red5 for streaming?

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