[ejabberd] Re: SSL/TLS with ICA

Jaco Kroon jaco at kroon.co.za
Tue Jan 2 23:22:18 MSK 2007

Jaco Kroon wrote:
>>Le 19 déc. 06 à 19:38, Jaco Kroon a écrit :
>>>Just applied to tlug.up.ac.za and the patch does indeed function
>>>correctly, by simply appending the intermediate certificate to the
>>>the entire chain is properly passed to the client.
>>Thank you for the feedback :)
>>We will also try it on our own production server, before considering
>>it for addition to the code base.
> However, it seems that the bug report had it correct.  After a while it
> simply stops responding.
> tcpdump indicates that it actually does unclean teardowns of the
> connection, basically the SYN/ACK handshake happens, psi sends 124 bytes
> of data, the server ACKs it, and then immediate RSTs the connection. 
> Something dodgy is happening.

Hi guys,

I'm guessing it's time for some more feedback.

Not sure what the case was here, but it's been running for two weeks now
without issues, could simply be that the load was drastically lower of
Christmas/new-year and there might actually still be a problem or the
issue may have been caused by something else.

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