[ejabberd] Roster Manipulation

PsyMonkey peerfolder at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 12:20:48 MSK 2007


I looked at the PyMSNt gateway and they require that the client be developed
in a specific way so that if a :

<presence from="contact%hotmail.com at msn.host.com" to="user at host.com"
        <x xmlns="http://delx.cjb.net/protocol/roster-subsync">
                <item name="Some contact" subscription="both">

is sent the contact is added automatically?  One thing that is great is that
this is backward compatible, if the client/server does not support this
feature the request will go through as a standard subscribe request.  O well
i implemented it anyway and it does not work with psi (Jabber Client), you
do need a client/server that supports this command i think.  Please note i
am not an expert, just have a lot of time.  Hopefully in the future there
will be a feature added to do what i want it to do with ejabberd.

Thanks for your help,

Jaco Kroon-2 wrote:
> PsyMonkey wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have developed a gateway form jabber to msn.  This gateway is currently
>> being used with a ejabberd 1.1.2 server.  I would like to add the
>> following
>> feature,
> For the most part, is this an improvement over pymsnt
> (http://msn-transport.jabberstudio.org)?  We've been using it to hook
> into our ejabberd daemon (but had to run jabberd in a crippled mode to
> support it).  Would it be possible to gain access to your msn gateway
> (eventually)?
>> If a user registers with the gateway his msn contacts must be
>> automatically
>> added to his jabber contact list.  Then the same again for if the jabber
>> user removes the GateWay his msn contacts must be removed form his jabber
>> contact list.
> The pymsnt does this.  You might want to check out what they do.
>> I have spoken to some ppl who used i think wildfire or
>> something like that (another jabber server) and they said that they can
>> manipulate the roster entries for each user.
> Yes, I've heard some really good things about Wildfire.  And with good
> things I'm talking about these types of features.  These and a few others.
>>  Is this possible and how? 
> Yes, it should be possible, no, I don't know how.  But would be
> interrested in getting hold of your gateway once you're done with it.
> Jaco
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