[ejabberd] Roster Manipulation

Jaco Kroon jaco at kroon.co.za
Tue Jan 16 12:33:15 MSK 2007

PsyMonkey wrote:
> Hi,
> I looked at the PyMSNt gateway and they require that the client be developed
> in a specific way so that if a :
> <presence from="contact%hotmail.com at msn.host.com" to="user at host.com"
> type="subscribe">
>         <x xmlns="http://delx.cjb.net/protocol/roster-subsync">
>                 <item name="Some contact" subscription="both">
>                         <group>Friends</group>
>                         <group>Colleagues</group>
>                 </item>
>         </x>
> </presence>
> is sent the contact is added automatically?  One thing that is great is that
> this is backward compatible, if the client/server does not support this
> feature the request will go through as a standard subscribe request.  O well
> i implemented it anyway and it does not work with psi (Jabber Client), you
> do need a client/server that supports this command i think.  Please note i
> am not an expert, just have a lot of time.  Hopefully in the future there
> will be a feature added to do what i want it to do with ejabberd.

Hmm, I'd suggest looking again.  I'm using psi, and with PyMSNt it did
work, so I'm guessing you're probably just missing something small.  And
neither am I an expert, i know the internal ejabberd architecture about
as well as my grandma, i just helped with some tls stuff once and since
this is a low volume list I just stayed subscribed.

> Thanks for your help,

I didn't do much, but it's a pleasure.

> Jaco Kroon-2 wrote:
>>PsyMonkey wrote:
>>>I have developed a gateway form jabber to msn.  This gateway is currently
>>>being used with a ejabberd 1.1.2 server.  I would like to add the
>>For the most part, is this an improvement over pymsnt
>>(http://msn-transport.jabberstudio.org)?  We've been using it to hook
>>into our ejabberd daemon (but had to run jabberd in a crippled mode to
>>support it).  Would it be possible to gain access to your msn gateway
>>>If a user registers with the gateway his msn contacts must be
>>>added to his jabber contact list.  Then the same again for if the jabber
>>>user removes the GateWay his msn contacts must be removed form his jabber
>>>contact list.
>>The pymsnt does this.  You might want to check out what they do.
>>>I have spoken to some ppl who used i think wildfire or
>>>something like that (another jabber server) and they said that they can
>>>manipulate the roster entries for each user.
>>Yes, I've heard some really good things about Wildfire.  And with good
>>things I'm talking about these types of features.  These and a few others.
>>> Is this possible and how? 
>>Yes, it should be possible, no, I don't know how.  But would be
>>interrested in getting hold of your gateway once you're done with it.
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>>ejabberd at jabber.ru

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