[ejabberd] Roster Manipulation

PsyMonkey peerfolder at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 17:07:50 MSK 2007

>Le mardi 16 janvier 2007 10:20, PsyMonkey a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I looked at the PyMSNt gateway and they require that the client be
>> developed in a specific way so that if a :
>> <presence from="contact%hotmail.com at msn.host.com" to="user at host.com"
>> type="subscribe">
>>         <x xmlns="http://delx.cjb.net/protocol/roster-subsync">
>>                 <item name="Some contact" subscription="both">
>>                         <group>Friends</group>
>>                         <group>Colleagues</group>
>>                 </item>
>>         </x>
>> </presence>
>> is sent the contact is added automatically?  One thing that is great is
>> that this is backward compatible, if the client/server does not support
>> this feature the request will go through as a standard subscribe request. 
>> O well i implemented it anyway and it does not work with psi (Jabber
>> Client), you do need a client/server that supports this command i think. 
>> Please note i am not an expert, just have a lot of time.  Hopefully in
>> the
>> future there will be a feature added to do what i want it to do with
>> ejabberd.
>Hi, the JEP, proposed by the pyMSNt author is there:
>I had implemented it in Kopete one year ago. At this time, pyMSNt (0.10.3)
>completely bugged regarding his own JEP (because none of the current client 
>implemented it, so it was not tested at all). So I reported the problem and 
>he fixed it, and also improved the JEP. Anyway I did not commit my patch. 
>(and it seems that I lost the patch locally also)
>The reason why I did not commit is that I don't like the philosophy behind 
>that protocol.
>IMO, nothing should be required to be implemented by the client.  What
>if I connect with a non-capable client while some contact are added and 
>removed ?
>Also, in order to let the gateway manage his contactlist and his groups,
>need to exchange between the server and the gateway.
>The gateway must indeed be notified if the user move a contact to a group, 
>remove a contact, ...
>The server must be notified when a contact has moved on the legacy server,
>if his alias has changed, or if it was removed.
>One simple solution would be to give the jabber password to the gateway, 
>the gateway can open a c2s connection with the server, and manage itself
>contactlist. Anyway, i don't want to give my password to someone else.  so 
>this is a bad solution.
>An ideal solution would be to make a protocol which allow the gateway to 
>manager user's contactlist  (at least the part of user inside his server).  
><iq from='msn.gateway.org'  to='user at server.org' type='set' id='r1'>
>  <query xmlns='http://xmpp.org/roster-gateway'>
>    <item jid='jhon%msn.com at msn.gateway.org'
>          name='Jhon'>
>      <group>Servants</group>
>    </item>
>  </query>
>http://xmpp.org/roster-gateway would be exactly the same as
>expected that it works between the gateway and the server,  and that the 
>gateway is only authorized to manage contact with the jid's host equal to
>host, and if the subscription of the gateways is 'to' or 'both'
>This is just an idea.
>I know this is completely off-topic on this mailing, but since you are
>about that, I wanted to express my opinion :-)

That link "http://xmpp.org/roster-gateway" does not seem to work, would you
mind sending it again please.
This would be great if i am able to edit those rosters, because they are the
only ones i require to edit/remove

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