[ejabberd] Roster Manipulation

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Tue Jan 16 17:21:21 MSK 2007

Le mardi 16 janvier 2007 15:07, PsyMonkey a écrit :
> That link "http://xmpp.org/roster-gateway" does not seem to work, would you
> mind sending it again please.
> This would be great if i am able to edit those rosters, because they are
> the only ones i require to edit/remove

No, this was just a proposed namespace.  (argh, yes, namespace should never 
had started with http:// , it's why i asked stpeter to do urn:xmpp: 
instead :-) )

And that namespace doesn't exist yet, because that protocol doesn't exist yet.

It was just my vision of the problem with a suggested solution.

But i was off-topic for this mailing list, (standard-jig would be a better 
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