[ejabberd] server design questions

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Jul 27 22:29:46 MSD 2007

A few peripheral points inline...

Jesse Thompson wrote:

> - We have one large email domain that consists of around 45K active
> users.  We also run a hosted email domain service (within the same
> environment) for a few hundred domains, consisting of around 10K active
> users total.  Our plan is to offer a chat service as an option to all of
> our domains.
> - Authentication will go against our existing LDAP environment, using
> the same uid/password as the email accounts.  I plan to use an
> authentication script for to check for eligibility prior to verifying
> the authentication information.

Regarding usernames, there is a potential gotcha because the local part
of an email address is allowed to contain characters that are disallowed
in the node identifier of a Jabber ID. The most common example is the
single quote character.

So for example the following is a valid email address:

tim.o'brien at wisc.edu

However, that is not a valid JabberID because ' is disallowed.

This is why we have JID Escaping:


So for example you would map that email address to the following JID:

tim.o\27brien at wisc.edu

I'm not sure if ejabberd needs to support XEP-0106 in order for you to
do the mapping, or whether you can do it with your own specialized script.

> a) At what point should I consider using something other than Mnesia and
> local disk for data storage?  How does Mnesia compare to the other
> database options?  I like that Mnesia is able to cluster easily.  We
> have an Oracle cluster that I could use, but I don't necessarily want to
> rely on it(*).  I noticed that jabber.org is using Postgres...

Correct, we are. However, that's probably because we had an existing
postgres install and didn't want to do another database migration.

> (*) I'd like to keep this chat service an independent of our existing
> infrastructure as possible since it will be the primary method of
> communication for the administrators responsible for restoring downed
> services.

Good idea. :)


Peter Saint-Andre

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