[ejabberd] FW: Re: New Google Apps trouble with external XMPP service agents

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Jun 7 20:47:37 MSD 2007

This may be something to look into...

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On Jun 6, 12:53 pm, Todd Vierling <tvierl... at gmail.com> wrote:

> From this domain via Psi or Spark, I can query/discover services under
> bgmn.net, foxybanana.com, and jid.pl, but I cannot communicate with
> jaim.at, draugr.de, or 2on.net (all three of which appear correctly
> under a regular Gmail account like the one I'm using to post right
> now).  It's like something is not properly sending out the <iq> XML
> stanzas for only some remote servers, but the inconsistency is
> baffling.

Quick jabber:iq:version requests (XEP-0092) reveal that bgmn.net,
foxybanana.com, and jid.pl are all running the Openfire server
software, whereas the jaim.at, draugr.de, and 2on.net are all running
the ejabberd server software. I'd be curious to know what results you
get when trying to discover services at jabber.org and jabber.ru (both
running ejabberd) as well as amessage.de (running jabberd14). There
may be incompatibilities between Google Talk and some of the XMPP
server codebases out there. Please report back with your findings so
we can narrow down the issue. Thanks!


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Peter Saint-Andre
XMPP Standards Foundation

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