[ejabberd] eJabberd Clustering

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 18:41:52 MSD 2007

2007/6/10, Florian Jensen <admin at flosoft.biz>:
> I'm still trying to cluster my two eJabberd Servers.
> The cookies match, but I get a pang. A normal System Ping works.
> On the first server I found this in the logs.
> =ERROR REPORT==== 2007-06-09 16:42:23 === ** Connection attempt from
> disallowed node ejabberd at ds4044 **
> I can't find any solution to this problem.

This response is just for archiving purposes.

Florian and me chatted, investigated his problem and finally solved it.

As the error message points out, the problem was that cookies did not
match. When using the ejabberd binary installer, the cookie is set on

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