[ejabberd] Ejabberd and too many connections

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thank you, Mickael, for your answer.
I realy think 10 connections for every database with ejabberd is too much. It applíes also to virtual hosts with no online users and also with no users created yet.
You can't say that 100 "normal" (not great heavy) webs do 1000 connections for all the time. :) Persistent connections are often blocked by webhosters because they can't have thousands of connections...
It will be really good configurable.
The best solution could be every hosts in one db ;) I am really not concerned for place for one large DB but I think thousands of connections are great problem. So I'm intercessional about change of behaviour as you wrote.
Other important thing - it is needed to change ejabberd to adding or removing host without restart itself.
Yes, we want to do massive hosting. I everywhere hear "Jabber is opened protocol as SMTP, everyone can have own Jabber server .." etc. But everyone can't have jid name at freeserver.tld. Lot of people want to have jid me at owndomain.tld easy. So I think hosting is for Jabber important as for e-mails. And why to use not very good ejabberd? ;)
Thank you for your time and thinking about changes in ejabberd :) and excuse my bad English.

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Le 2 juin 07 `a 20:22, <petr.mat at centrum.cz> <petr.mat at centrum.cz> a écrit :Hello, 
I have ejabberd configured to work with MySQL. Today I see that ejabberd makes 10 (really ten) processes for each database (= for each domain). So today for 9 domains it is 90 processes. How it will look for 1000 domains?Is this behaviour ok?We need to host more domains on ejabberd ...
Virtual hosting is working this way currently. You seem to think that 10 connections on the database is a lot, but for heavy traffic site, 10 connections is often not enough and we will make this configurable in the future version.Why are virtual hosts in different DB ?Because it reduce the size of the DB, but most of all it makes it possible to turn easily a virtual hosted domain into its own domain. This is needed if one virtual host grows a lot.If you want to do massive hosting, the current behaviour will need to be modified, to store several hosts in a single DB, at the expense of database size (you have to store more data because the host becomes not implicit anymore).I hope I answered your question,-- Mickaël Rémond http://www.process-one.net/
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