[ejabberd] Strange problem with HTTP stuff on NetBSD

Magnus Henoch mange at freemail.hu
Mon Jun 18 04:30:04 MSD 2007

Jonathan Schleifer <js at h3c.de> writes:

> Can you tell me what versions you use?

NetBSD/macppc CURRENT, ejabberd 1.1.2 and SVN head, OTP R11B-1.

> And which sysctls?

None changed.

> How do you start ejabberd?

erl -sname ejabberd -s ejabberd

> Do you have a inetrc file?


If you hadn't explicitly written on the telnet command line,
I might have suspected IPv6.  As it is enabled by default in NetBSD,
some applications take "localhost" to mean only ::1, never,
while ejabberd by default listens only on IPv4.  But that shouldn't be
the problem here…

JID: legoscia at jabber.cd.chalmers.se

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