[ejabberd] How to cluster the ejabberd sever in linux.

jeff.xmpp jeff.xmpp at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 12:48:58 MSD 2007


I have used binary file to install ejabberd 1.1.3 in two ubuntu 6.0.6 lts
servers both of them works fine. When I want to cluster them, I met some
problem as I followed the guide in ejabberd 1.1.2 installation and operation

First I start the ejabberd server in the first machine.

For I used the binary file to install the ejabberd , so the default cookie
is ejabberd and I have not find a .erlang.cookie file in my home directory.
In order to  make these two machine have the same cookie, I add ' -setcookie
ejabberd'  in the erl command when I started with the command in step 2.
Till now, everthing is ok.

After run the command 'mnesia:info().', I well see the following line:
running db nodes = [ejabberd at first, ejabberd at second] as the guide doc

At the same timie, we can fine two running nodes named ejabberd at first and
ejabberd at second in the admin webpage in the first machine.

Then I use the command in step 3 and quit erlang shell with q().

After I commented  the two line relate with mod_irc and mod_muc in the
ejabberd.cfg file in second machine, I start up the ejabberd server in the
second machine.

Now, if I login the admin webpage of first machine, I can only find one
running nodes named ejabberd at first and the ejbberd at second lie in the stopped
nodes. In the admin webpage of second machine, I only see the
ejabberd at second in the running nodes, I could not fine the ejabberd at first.

If I register a user called test001 at first, I can not log it in the second
machine with the JID called test001 at second.

I do not know why these two machine did not cluster with each other for I
just follow the user guide from the website.

After I run the commands in the e-shell and reboot the machine, a directory
named mnesia.ejabberd at second will be created and several files in it , I
thought maybe these file should be placed in the
/opt/ejabberd-1.1.3/database/ejabberd directory, so I added   ' dir
/opt/ejabberd-1.1.3/database/ejabberd ' in the command in step 2, but after
this, I can not login the admin webpage in neither of these two machine. 

any reply relate to ejabberd cluster will be appreciate.

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