[ejabberd] Multiply domains and PostgreSQL

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Thu Mar 1 19:12:54 MSK 2007


Le 1 mars 07 à 14:49, Manuel Mely a écrit :

> Ok, but most of the people that are trying to deploy ejabberd server
> using pgsql as a backend have a custom DB that it is used by other
> services as mail.
> It will be interesting to modify the pgsql module to have the ability
> of specify what fields we are going to use for authentication, as well
> as use the JID=email for auth.

It depends. Some company providing hosting are willing to use  
separate database. This way, if a site becomes big, they can make  
move it to another machine, without having to change, move split the  

Mickaël Rémond

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