[ejabberd] ODBC MySQL connection timeout

Safford, Brian brian.safford at eds.com
Sat Mar 3 17:50:50 MSK 2007

Hmm ... yet ejabberd is able to tell that the server has gone away ... so wouldn't it be able to re-connect?
May I request that my earlier suggestion for having the built-in mysql driver be given the ability to specify an alternate port be given a higher priority?
Brian Safford 
Senior Consultant 
EDS - Managed Messaging Services 


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	Le 3 mars 07 à 08:56, Safford, Brian a écrit :

		I had posted a question earlier about MySQL connection timeouts, and had received a suggestion to up the WAIT_TIMEOUT limit on my MySQL server, which I did.

		I am now seeing these errors in my ejabberd.log file: 

		=ERROR REPORT==== 2007-03-03 01:55:31 === 
		E(<0.290.0>:gen_iq_handler:101) : {{case_clause, 
		                                     "[MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver][mysqld-5.0.27-standard]MySQL server has gone away SQLSTATE IS: 00000"}},


	It is related to how odbc works. The MySQL ODBC driver has the following problem: It does not use the correct odbc error code to tell it has been disconnected.

	Mickaël Rémond

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