[ejabberd] roster migration and domains changed.

Manuel Mely mmelyp at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 00:16:21 MSK 2007


I'm dealing again with a problem. I have to migrate one jabberd1
server that is serving only a domain, ie: foobar.org . This server is
allowing public subscription for my company, and this implicate that
i'm having JIDS like this anyname at foobar.org, right ?
but now i need to migrate to ejabberd, and foobar.org will dissappear
from the right side of the "@" in the JID, having something now like
this createduser at vhostN.foobar.org .
every vhost will be using external auth script using a db in pgsql,
that's have users account already.
now i will have some problems with roster migration.

1- how to migrate roster users from old jabberd1 to ejabberd
2- What about users that have contacts like contact at foobar.org? can
somebody know about some magically way for this?

I know there is no classic method to do this and then i have to build
some tool for this.  but i would appreciate some ideas to perform this

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