[ejabberd] Roster Subscription Problem

Jorge Guntanis jorge at guntanis.com
Thu Mar 8 22:09:09 MSK 2007

There is a problem on the way ejabberd manages subscriptions, and it doesn't
seems like it's really RFC3921 compliant, so I'd catalog it as a bug. I
tested this behavior with other jabber flavors and I couldn't recreate

When I add a buddy, it gets added in both, my roster and his roster, with
subscription none. Even if I haven't accepted him or even if I declined his
request. While the correct behavior should be that the user gets added after
I accepted him.

Is there a reason for this behavior, is there a way to fix this behavior?

I've been looking on the config files and I've googled this problem out for
a while now, without any luck, I'd appreciate all the help/guidance you can
provide me on this.

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