[ejabberd] S2S TLS problem

Nikolaus Polak Nik at np-Edv.at
Sun Mar 11 14:01:55 MSK 2007

Nikolaus Polak wrote:
> Small update: S2S connections between jabber.linuxlovers.at and
> amessage.info are working again, Matthias Wimmer changed his server
> configuration a bit (added lines like "<host
> name='jabber.linuxlovers.at' tls='no'/> " to his jabberd 1.4-configfile).
> It seems the problem only exists when his jabberd with gnutls acts as
> tls-client and my ejabberd 1.1.2 acts as tls-server, any ideas ?

In the last days I noticed that also some jabber client libraries where crashing
jabber.linuxlovers.at, and i found a similar problem here http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/node/1126 with
the note "When I emerge openssl without zlib use flag, this bug vanishes." from zlobnyme. So I
installed today openssl without zlib support, and the S2S TLS and C2S TLS connections are again in a
sane state (but, without zlib compression).
For my small jabber server (about 600 users registered, 100-200 online simultaniously) this is a
not-so-bad-solution, but i still hope that one of the dev's could look a bit further into this
problem - silently crashing server daemons is something what shouldn't be in these days ;-)

If someone needs more debugging information, just ask,
best wishes

Nikolaus Polak

xmpp:nik at jabber.linuxlovers.at

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