[ejabberd] ejabberd servers recovery from net partition

Andreas andreas at unstable.nl
Tue Mar 13 04:06:22 MSK 2007

On Mon, Mar 12, 2007 at 09:55:36AM -0500, tty at Safe-mail.net wrote:
> I'm running ejabberd in a clustered configuration on two seperate hosts. Over the weekend both servers stopped acknowledging each other (net partition). What is the standard recovery procedure for such an instance.

Is the clustered configuration using a VPN or an internet connection between
the nodes? That is discouraged for this very reason I believe: connection
troubles will confuse everything.

When you think about it a bit it becomes obvious that distribution over remote
hosts only makes sense for serving static data like with HTTP and FTP servers.
For Jabber you'd rather have everything on one LAN.

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