[ejabberd] Help installing ejabberd

Christophe Romain cromain at process-one.net
Tue May 8 15:45:29 MSD 2007


This is a problem related to the crypto driver (certainly unable to  
load the provided .so file due to 64bit system) what gives the  
following commands on your 64bit system ?

uname -m
uname -s

anyway, to make it work, you can override the default behavior: keep  
your installed version and launch the post install script by hands:
edit ejabberdctl
and replace
export ARCHDIR
export ARCHDIR=linux-x86

then launch "ejabberdctl register admin localhost admin" on shell  
(you should, of course, replace localhost with the ejabberd hosts you  
fixed at installation time. it is defined line 4 of ejabberdctl as well)


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