[ejabberd] ejabberd crashing on startup

Paul Johnson baloo at ursine.ca
Thu May 17 17:02:10 MSD 2007

Magnus Henoch wrote in Article <87odkjbq1i.fsf at freemail.hu> posted to

> Paul Johnson <baloo at ursine.ca> writes:
>> =CRASH REPORT==== 17-May-2007::04:16:02 ===
>>   crasher:
>>     pid: <0.36.0>
>>     registered_name: []
>>     error_info: {bad_return,{{ejabberd_app,start,[normal,[]]},
>>                               {'EXIT',{{badmatch,{aborted
>> {no_exists,config}}},
>>                                        [{ejabberd_config,set_opts,1},
>>                                         {ejabberd_app,start,2},
>>                                         {application_master,start_it_old,
>>                                                             4}]}}}}
> Have you seen this page?
> http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/node/602

No, I hadn't.  I'm afraid the solution doesn't entirely make sense to me,
partly becuase the last paragraph can't be accurate.  It reads:  "Since the
name of this directory depends on the node name, make sure the node name is
what you expect it to be. You can see the node name by starting erl with
only the -name or -sname parameter, and looking at the prompt."

Well, if I do that, it spits back:

# erl -name
Missing argument(s) for '-name'.
Usage: erl [-version] [-sname NAME | -name NAME] [-noshell] [-noinput] [-env
VAR VALUE] [-compile file ...] [-smp [enable|auto|disable]] [-hybrid]
[-make] [-man [manopts] MANPAGE] [-x] [-emu_args] [+A THREADS] [+B[c|d|i]]
[+W<i|w>] [args ...]

Paul Johnson
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