[ejabberd] ejabberd crashing on startup

Magnus Henoch mange at freemail.hu
Thu May 17 23:14:59 MSD 2007

Paul Johnson <baloo at ursine.ca> writes:

> No, I hadn't.  I'm afraid the solution doesn't entirely make sense to me,
> partly becuase the last paragraph can't be accurate.  It reads:  "Since the
> name of this directory depends on the node name, make sure the node name is
> what you expect it to be. You can see the node name by starting erl with
> only the -name or -sname parameter, and looking at the prompt."
> Well, if I do that, it spits back:
> # erl -name

I guess I wrote it too confusingly ☺  I meant that you should keep the
argument after -{,s}name, just to see what the actual node name ends
up to be…

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