[ejabberd] ejabberd message archiving - alternative approach

Zbyszek Żółkiewski zbyszek at toliman.pl
Tue May 22 14:23:34 MSD 2007

mod_logdb is developed by Oleg Palij and is yet under heavy development. I
am not sure if he published this module to the public yet - i test it with
him. It missing some important features and database schema is changing - it
must be well thinked to hold really lot amount of data (we want to store
only necessary data)

On 5/22/07, Kevin Jackson <foamdino at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> > Here is some video related to our latest project: "message archiving".
> It is
> > based on Oleg Palij's mod_logdb. It is module that logs user messages
> into
> > sql (mysql/postgres) or mnesia database.
> I'm hugely interested in trying to build something similar as we
> currently use postgres as our database and I'd like to log all
> messages in that.  I cannot find mod_logdb, only mod_logmnesia.  Where
> can I find mod_logdb?
> Thanks and great video!
> Kev
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