[ejabberd] transport clustering

Fidelio Fidelio fidelio.uach at gmail.com
Tue May 29 00:18:26 MSD 2007

Hi everyone,
I am  running a cluster of ejabberd nodes and am testing how to also cluster
the py-transports. As a user session is only valid within one instance of
the transport (compjid), there has to be an entity that is able to
differenciate the compjids of the py-transports in order to assure that all
messages from one jid go always to the same instance (compjid) of the
transport. Does ejabberd handle the compjid of the py-transports? It seems
not to. So do I need a front-end for the transports?

Grupo Fidelio
Instituto de Informática
Universidad Austral de Chile

fidelio.uach at gmail.com
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