[ejabberd] transport clustering

Pedro Melo melo at simplicidade.org
Tue May 29 02:02:47 MSD 2007


On May 28, 2007, at 9:18 PM, Fidelio Fidelio wrote:

> I am  running a cluster of ejabberd nodes and am testing how to  
> also cluster the py-transports. As a user session is only valid  
> within one instance of the transport (compjid), there has to be an  
> entity that is able to differenciate the compjids of the py- 
> transports in order to assure that all messages from one jid go  
> always to the same instance (compjid) of the transport. Does  
> ejabberd handle the compjid of the py-transports? It seems not to.  
> So do I need a front-end for the transports?

compjid is only available with servers that allow you to define a  
link name and a set of hostnames, like XCP, for whom they where  
originally developed (in PyMSNt case at least).

ejabberd is not one of those.

With ejabberd you have (at least in the SVN version) two new  
commands: domain_balancing and domain_balancing_component_number that  
will do more or less the same.

They are in production right now, and they work ok with 9 MSN  
instances at work.

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