[ejabberd] offline presence on server shut down

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Nov 6 00:53:43 MSK 2007

Jesse Thompson wrote:
> No one else is seeing this behavior?
> Jesse Thompson wrote:
>> Is it normal for contacts on other services (s2s) and other cluster
>> nodes to continue to see you as online after the ejabberd server is
>> shut down?  i.e. no presence packet is sent.  This is the behavior I'm
>> seeing.  Is there any way around this behavior?  Or might I have
>> something misconfigured?

I don't know about ejabberd clusters, but it can happen that if a
foreign server goes down unexpectedly, you will continue to see the
users from that server as online because you never received unavailable
presence from them. I don't know of any ejabberd configuration options
that help to mitigate this problem (e.g., ejabberd could periodically
ping the foreign domain and if it is down, it could toggle the available
bit for all those foreign users). Maybe ejabberd mavens know more than I
do about how ejabberd does (or could) handle this.


Peter Saint-Andre

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