[ejabberd] ldap shared roster and "nicknames"

Tomasz Noiński noix at sphere.pl
Thu Nov 8 11:43:58 MSK 2007

On Mon, 15 Oct 2007, Badlop wrote:

Sorry for slow response...

> 2007/10/15, Tomasz Noiński <noix at sphere.pl>:
> > I thought I have (and I checked again just now), but I haven't found
> > any solution. That's why I asked if there might be a workaround.
> > (There were ~3 different patches in JURA/Bugzilla addressing a similar
> > issue, but only for mod_vcard or mod_vcard_odbc -- and I'm using
> > mod_vcard_ldap.)
> > Well, thanks anyway.
> Ah, my fault: I didn't remember you use mod_vcard_ldap.
> Anyway, looking at the patch in Jira, maybe it can be updated to work
> with mod_vcard_ldap by just replacing:
>   IQ_Vcard = mod_vcard:process_sm_iq(From, To, IQ),
> with
>   IQ_Vcard = mod_vcard_ldap:process_sm_iq(From, To, IQ),

I also use mod_shared_roster instead of mod_roster, but I managed to do it
anyway! Fragment of mod_roster patch and the line you gave (with
mod_vcard_lcap:process_sm_iq) did the trick.
I don't know erlang at all and it took me a while, so I'm attaching a
final patch in case somebody had the same problem.

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