[ejabberd] mod_archive_odbc implementation

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 01:14:03 MSK 2007

2007/11/14, Alexander Tsvyashchenko <lists at ndl.kiev.ua>:
> In short, original mod_archive and, later, mod_archive_sql had some
> architecture limitations which made it very hard to utilize them for
> actual
> work with archive collections - also some important XEP-136 features were
> missing.
> mod_archive_odbc implementation should solve all these problems and also
> provide wider coverage of RDBMS'es.

I've added your module to ejabberd-modules SVN:

and to the contributions page:

Then only change I made to your code is fixing code indentation using Emacs.

I don't remember if it is mentioned somewhere, but anybody can get a
commit account in ejabberd-modules SVN server.

> Please feel free to comment / ask for additional information, if
> needed, as well
> as leave usage feedback, if any ;-)

Since I didn't use those modules, I can't leave any usage feedback.
But I have a comment: you wrote a very detailed documentation page! :)

> To be true, I find the approach of maintaining two separate versions of
> the same module that differ only by storage engine pretty ridiculous

I agree, and quite probably anybody else will do, too ;)

Once the current long-delayed ejabberd version is finally published,
it will be a nice time to propose a reorganization of the code
regarding database storage. And probably not only in this module, but
also in all ejabberd.

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