[ejabberd] ejabberd feature request: make uninstall

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 12:40:05 MSK 2007


There's a feature in ejabberd that I always wanted to get. In fact,
Sander submitted it to Bugzilla more than two years ago:
It is also tracked here:

Adding the uninstall option to Makefile seems as simple as putting
some 'rm -rf $DIR' commands. But what to remove?

  A) Remove only files related to ejabberd source (binaries,
translations, start script). Don't remove files potentially modified
by the admin (configs, logs, crash dumps).

  B) Absolutely all the files related to ejabberd.

Initially I prefer this solution:
make uninstall <--- this performs A
make uninstall-all <--- this performs B

What do you think?

In the long term it would be nice to use automake instead of manually
written Makefile.in, but since that will require an undetermined
amount of time, I prefer to find a simple solution to make uninstall
now, and defer automake for later:

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