[ejabberd] mod_muc moderated room?

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Wed Nov 28 23:40:32 MSK 2007

Magnus Henoch wrote:
> Jesse Thompson <jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu> writes:
>> Is this page still accurate?  http://www.ejabberd.im/node/392
>> Does mod_muc support group chat moderation?  It presents "Make room
>> moderated" in the room options, but I can't tell if it works, or if I'm
>> not using it correctly.
>> If it doesn't work, I think I'll try hiding the option and recompiling.
> That depends on what you mean by "moderated".  The regime described in
> the article, that every single message is to be approved by a moderator,
> is not implemented.  However, you can have a room where non-members are
> "visitors" (i.e. can't speak).  To do that, set "Default users as
> participants" to false.  The option "Make room members-only" doesn't
> even let non-members enter.
> The option "make room moderated" indeed does nothing.  Hiding the option
> is a very sensible thing to do.

Sounds good.  Thanks for the quick response!

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