[ejabberd] http_bind & high CPU load: help needed

George Hazan george.hazan at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 17:35:23 MSK 2007


I need to establish a jabber server with ~10000 connections via http-bind. 
Unfortunately on my server even 700-800 users create 192% CPU load (two Xeon 
3GHz processors). All connections do almost nothing but reading a roster and 
sending one message in maybe 5 minutes.

I tried to turn on epoll support (Linux Red Hat Enterprise), but the CPU 
usage is still too high (140-150%). Postgres database is on another server, 
and this server does almost nothing, the overall load there is less than 5%.

Any help is greatly appreciated... I can't set up 10 front-end servers for 
this task. Ejabberd was compiled from trunk.

WMBR, George Hazan (ghazan at postman.ru) 

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