[ejabberd] gen_event handler sasl_report_file_h crashed.

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Mon Oct 1 20:34:07 MSD 2007

Christian Gueder wrote:
> Could it be that the error is related to erlang and the function to
> calculate the filesize did some misscalculations?

We've seen a case with other software "malfunctions" that caused the 
filesystem to fill up even though df shows available space.  Our best 
conclusion was that the application told the OS to delete some data, but 
didn't actually release the file handle.  Stopping/killing the 
application resolved this problem in this case since it forced the 
application to give up the file handle.  We never found a solution, so 
we just made sure to leave enough head room in the future.

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