[ejabberd] Proposed huge reorganization of ejabberd.cfg.example

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 18:42:56 MSD 2007

2007/9/28, Jaco Kroon <jaco at kroon.co.za>:
> Just a small grammer error that I can see:
> % Uncomment this if you are using postgres, having a large DB, and need a
> having should be have.

Thanks, fixed.

> Then, perhaps in the top of the file add a link to the guide, and also

Added a mention to where to find it.
I suggested it should be included in binary installers too. And it is
probably included in all major OS packages.

> state how to reload the config without having to restart ejabberd (if
> it's even possible).

Not possible with out-of-the-box ejabberd.

> The syntax of the config file isn't normal for most linux admins ...
> it's rather strange to say the least.  I'm guessing this is just erlang,
> so for most of you folk this is probably readable, for the rest of us,
> it's a mess, we have no clue where there should be {} and where [], not
> to even mention things like commas!

I added a small paragraph at the top. Tell me if it isn't much understandable,
or needs some additional explanations.

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