[ejabberd] Proposed huge reorganization of ejabberd.cfg.example

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 21:52:41 MSD 2007

2007/10/3, Jaco Kroon <jaco at kroon.co.za>:
> Please consulte the Guide in case of doubts, the guide should be
> included in your copy of ejabberd (usually insalled in /usr/share/doc),
> and it's also available online at http:// ???????
> What is a term, a tuple, a keyword?  Most people don't think in terms of
> database terminology.  I know what a tuple is, and keywords are common
> to programmers, and I'm only familiar with a term in a mathematical sense.

I didn't apply those final proposals because I'm in a hurry.

Finally, it's tracked here:

I also commented all those suggestions that didn't get into the
proposal. They can be applied in a second stage, if more people find
them interesting :)

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