[ejabberd] ejabberd official bug tracker: from Jabber.ru to Process-one

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Thu Oct 4 21:58:41 MSD 2007


I propose to track ejabberd bugs using Process-one's Jira. And keep
Jabber.ru's Bugzilla alive for historic reference and alternative

 * Evolution of ejabberd's bug tracker

The article 'Evolution of ejabberd home page' [1] summarizes the
movements of ejabberd's home page, SVN and bug tracker.

The ejabberd bug tracker was initially JabberStudio. Its
functionalities were too basic for Alexey Shchepin (author of
ejabberd, if there's still somebody who doesn't know :). So, the
development soon moved to Bugzilla, hosted by Jabber.ru (around
January 2005).

When Process-one started to develop ejabberd features, they used their
own Jira bug tracker (around October 2005). When Alexey started to
work in Process-one, they started to manage the ejabberd code and
release cycle using Jira, but only occasionally check the bugs tracked
in Jabber.ru's Bugzilla. This was a bad situation.

In June 2007, Process-One finally opened their ejabberd bug tracker
[2], so it can be used not only by their employees to track their
work, but also for any individual that finds a bug, wants to propose a
new feature, publishes a patch... Mickael Remond explained how they
work with the bug tracker [3].

Unfortunately, Process-one's Jira had a bug, so it wasn't possible to
create new accounts easily [4]. This bug has been solved recently, and
the bug tracker seems to work correctly now.

In August, Alexey agreed [5] to consider from now as official ejabberd
bug tracker:

I consider difficult to remember that URL (in fact I find difficult to
remember most URLs that point to Process-one site), so I added direct
links in the presentation text in the front page of

 * Criticism

Some people criticize the usage of Process-one's Jira for tracking
ejabberd bugs instead of Jabber.ru's Bugzilla, or any other bug
tracker for three main reasons:

1. Jira is not open source/free software. In fact, it's closed source.

2. That bug tracker is hosted and administered by Process-one instead
of an independent instance.

3. Jabber.ru's Bugzilla was open and accessible since January 2005,
while Process-one's Jira was open and widely available only since
recently (Juny 2007). So, Bugzilla is the former original ejabberd bug
tracker. It was never publicly formally expressed by a Process-one
representative in ejabberd mailing list the desire to switch from
Jabber.ru's Bugzilla to Process-one's Jira.

 * The future of ejabberd at Jabber.ru's Bugzilla

This bugtracker accumulates 370 ejabberd bugs, and 153 of them are
still open and valid. 26 of the open bugs have a patch available, and
around 30 are duplicated in Jira. Those bug issues are still consulted
by many people (including me), and are periodically reviewed,
sometimes copied to Jira, and eventually fixed/rejected and closed.

I talked with Alexey Shchepin (author of ejabberd and administrator of
Jabber.ru's Bugzilla) and Anastasia Gornostaeva (hosting and
administrator of Jabber.ru) to keep open the ejabberd bug tracker at
Jabber.ru's Bugzilla, so it can be used to track those bugs. Bugzilla
is also valuable as a historical resource, since it was widely used
for several years. Finally, Bugzilla is also useful for collateral
tasks. For example, Magnus Henoch is using it now to track bugs in his
PEP patch.


[1] http://www.ejabberd.im/evolution-home-page
[2] http://www.process-one.net/en/blogs/article/ejabberd_bug_tracker_open_for_registration/
[3] http://lists.jabber.ru/pipermail/ejabberd/2007-August/002890.html
[4] http://lists.jabber.ru/pipermail/ejabberd/2007-September/003032.html
[5] http://chatlogs.jabber.ru/ejabberd@conference.jabber.ru/2007/08/16.html#00:31:25

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