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Denny Schierz linuxmail at 4lin.net
Fri Oct 5 07:19:44 MSD 2007

hi everybody,

i tried to get ejabberd 1.4 running, but outbound-connections to other
server doesn't work.

Eshell V5.5.5  (abort with ^G)
1> inet_res:getbyname("_xmpp-server._tcp.gmail.com",srv).
2> inet_res:getbyname("_xmpp-server._tcp.jabber.ru",srv).
3> inet_res:getbyname("_xmpp-server._tcp.jhell.org",srv).

what does that mean for me?

root at rico /opt/ejabberd # dig +short jabber.ru

root at rico /opt/ejabberd # dig +short jhell.org

cat conf/inetrc

%% {lookup,["file","native"]}.
%% {host,{127,0,0,1}, ["localhost","localhost"]}.
{file, resolv, "/etc/resolv.conf"}.

i comment out the first two lines.


%% Remove this line if you want to prevent s2s connections:

{5269, ejabberd_s2s_in,  [{shaper, s2s_shaper}, {max_stanza_size, 131072}]},

any suggestions?

cu denny

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