[ejabberd] ldap shared roster and "nicknames"

Tomasz Noiński noix at sphere.pl
Wed Oct 10 18:44:03 MSD 2007


I'm trying to set up an internal ejabberd server in my company that is
integrated with our LDAP directory.
I want to have a shared roster with every person from the LDAP directory,
created automaticaly.

Everything goes well except for the names displayed in the client (Psi).
I'd like them to be users' names (or nicknames) and they are displayed ad
(Psi displays "User information" correctly, thanks to mod_vcard_ldap, but
not the "nicknames" on main list)
Where is this information stored? I believe it is inside ejabberd, along
with roster. If so, is it possible to set ejabberd up so the "nickname" is
taken from LDAP instead of simply returning JID?

Thanks in advance,

Tomasz Noinski

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