[ejabberd] Cannot log with multiple sessions

Samuel Tardieu sam at rfc1149.net
Tue Oct 16 04:34:19 MSD 2007

When I try to connect to my ejabberd server while I'm already
connected from another machine, I get an error:

   Please check your login and password for correctness.

In my ejabberd.cfg file, I have:

{hosts, ["rfc1149.net"]}.
{max_user_sessions, 10}.
{host_config, "rfc1149.net", [{auth_method, [anonymous, internal]},
                              {allow_multiple_connections, true},
                              {max_user_sessions, infinity},
                              {anonymous_protocol, sasl_anon}]}.

This is ejabberd 1.1.4 on Gentoo Linux/x86.

Samuel Tardieu -- sam at rfc1149.net -- http://www.rfc1149.net/

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