[ejabberd] 'Hello world' service

John Almberg jalmberg at identry.com
Wed Oct 17 18:20:11 MSD 2007

H Jesse,

Yes, that's basically what I'm doing (I'm actually looking at  
mod_time as a model), but it's a bit of a learning curve :-)

I'm thinking of starting a blog to document whatever I learn, but was  
hoping someone else had already done something similar. Can't seem to  
find anything on Google, though, so perhaps no?

Or perhaps it's in Russian. Luckily, my partner is Russian, so I'll  
have her Google around a bit to see what she can find...

-- John

On Oct 17, 2007, at 10:11 AM, Jesse Thompson wrote:

> I have no experience with this, but if I were to start down this  
> path I'd use an existing module from the source (perhaps mod_echo)  
> as a starting point.
> Jesse
> John Almberg wrote:
>> I am trying to figure out how to add a service to ejabberd for a   
>> project I've been asked to do. The application would use ejabberd   
>> with some added features, thus the need for new services.
>> I've got a running ejabberd server and the new Erlang book. What  
>> I'm  looking for is some docs that will help me develop a new  
>> service...  basically, enough to write the equivalent of a 'Hello  
>> World' service,  as a first step.
>> I've found the "Modules development" page on the Process One  
>> site,  and of course I have the source code, and I have the old  
>> O'Reilly  Jabber book for general background. That's probably  
>> enough, but can  anyone suggest any other documentation that might  
>> help?
>> Any suggestions much appreciated.
>> Thanks: John
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