[ejabberd] Ejabberd listening on port 1212

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 21:37:24 MSD 2007

2007/10/3, jesus at isaatc.ull.es <jesus at isaatc.ull.es>:
> I have a ejabberd installed on a Debian Etch linux distribution, that
> I recently upgraded to version 1.1.2-6. After that, I discovered that
> ejabberd is now listening on port 1212 (lupa). ¿What is the reason for
> which ejabberd opens that port? ¿Can I use it for onething useful? I
> have been search some information but I haven't found anything.

ejabberd should only listen in the ports defined in ejabberd.cfg
'listen' section.

Of course, you can write an ejabberd module that also listens in other
ports. For example mod_xmlrpc does not use the 'listen' section to
define which port to bind the XML-RPC server to. I guess this is not
your case, because ejabberd package in Debian Etch does not include
any additional modules. And you didn't install such a module without
noticing :)

Another possibility is that the port is opened by 'epmd'. It is a
small program included in Erlang/OTP to help in some name resolution
tasks. Could that be the program you saw listening in that port,
instead of 'beam' (which represents ejabberd)?

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