[ejabberd] Problem compiling erlang on x86_64

Greg greg at easyflirt.com
Mon Oct 29 11:41:57 MSK 2007


I know I'm not on the right list, but i think that ejabberd is the most 
used erlang software.

I'm trying to compile Erlang R11 B5 on x86_64, and libs arent build :
node-11:/usr/src/otp_src_R11B-5# ./configure --enable-smp-support
node-11:/usr/src/otp_src_R11B-5# make -j 4
node-11:/usr/src/otp_src_R11B-5# find . -name "*.so"

On 686, same build :
node-04:/usr/src/otp_src_R11B-5# ./configure --enable-smp-support
node-04:/usr/src/otp_src_R11B-5# make -j 4
node-04:/usr/src/otp_src_R11B-5# find . -name "*.so"

How to build these libs on x86_64 ?


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