[ejabberd] priority bug

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 18:39:52 MSD 2007

2007/8/31, sergio <ejabberd at sergio.spb.ru>:
> ejabberd allows to set priority outsite char (-128..128) range

Mickaël Rémond said in the bug tracker:
> This is not a bug but a feature.
> I do not see any good reason to enforce this limitation.
> It was intentionally left open ended.
> Some people are using timestamps for example to make sure that their last resource > is the one that has the highest priority.
> I am ready to hear explaination of what harm this feature could cause.

I bring the discussion from the bug tracker to the mailing list again,
so everybody can participate.

I guess the opinion of  the author of the protocol in question may be
helpful. I'll ping Peter Saint-Andre next monday.

Anyway, I see two solutions:

a) Mark the bug as INVALID or WON'T-FIX and reject the patch. If so, I
strongly recommend to create a new document that describes what
inconsistencies are in ejabberd's implementation of protocols. Publish
it, and add to it any other bug-turns-feature [1]. This way other
Jabber developers will not be surprised of some particular behaviors
in ejabberd which are not compliant with standard protocols. This will
also prevent the bug tracker from being filled with many INVALID bugs.

b) Apply the patch, mark the bug as SOLVED, and also implement a new
option to disable this limitation.

[1] Another protocol incompliance that can be considered a feature is
tracked here:
'Lock created room until configured, unless it's non-MUC or instant'

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