[ejabberd] how does ejabberd_c2s supervisor start?

Jeremy Chow coderplay at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 13:58:20 MSD 2007

Hi all,
   ejabberd_c2s_sup  is defined in ejabberd_sup, deletegated by
ejabberd_tmp_sup with a *restart strategie simple_one_for_one. As the otp
document indicates, the child process , ejabberd_c2s_sup in this case, will
be added and be started dynamically by supervisor:*start_child/2. I use
start_child as keyword for searching, and found a function
ejabberd_c2s:start/2  would call that one. My question is who call the
ejabberd_c2s:start/2 in the standalone version of ejabberd without
http(another  way to start this service explicitly is in ejabberd_http_poll

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