[ejabberd] priority bug

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Sep 4 22:56:48 MSD 2007

Badlop wrote:
> 2007/8/31, sergio <ejabberd at sergio.spb.ru>:
>> ejabberd allows to set priority outsite char (-128..128) range
> Mickaël Rémond said in the bug tracker:
>> This is not a bug but a feature.
>> I do not see any good reason to enforce this limitation. It was
>> intentionally left open ended. Some people are using timestamps for
>> example to make sure that their last resource > is the one that has
>> the highest priority.
>> I am ready to hear explaination of what harm this feature could
>> cause.
> I bring the discussion from the bug tracker to the mailing list
> again, so everybody can participate.
> I guess the opinion of  the author of the protocol in question may be
>  helpful. I'll ping Peter Saint-Andre next monday.

RFC 3921 and rfc3921bis state:

   The OPTIONAL <priority/> element contains non-human-readable XML
   character data that specifies the priority level of the resource.
   The value MUST be an integer between -128 and +127.

If people want some special functionality, we can define a new child
element in a different namespace. After all, the "X" in XMPP stands for
"Extensible". :)

> Anyway, I see two solutions:
> a) Mark the bug as INVALID or WON'T-FIX and reject the patch. If so,
> I strongly recommend to create a new document that describes what 
> inconsistencies are in ejabberd's implementation of protocols.
> Publish it, and add to it any other bug-turns-feature [1]. This way
> other Jabber developers will not be surprised of some particular
> behaviors in ejabberd which are not compliant with standard
> protocols. This will also prevent the bug tracker from being filled
> with many INVALID bugs.
> b) Apply the patch, mark the bug as SOLVED, and also implement a new 
> option to disable this limitation.

I would be in favor of a new protocol extension that enables more
flexible presence priorities / stanza routing. Overloading priority
isn't a good solution.


Peter Saint-Andre

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