[ejabberd] Retrieve avatar from ejabberd

mitcheloc mitcheloc at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 18:49:27 MSD 2007

Hello all, How would I go about this:

I'd like to retrieve the avatar for a jabber user from ejabberd and
display it on a web page. Using an image tag such as:

<img src="http://jabber.server.com/avatars/?jid=test@jabber.org />

I'll probably need a php script to generate the image. I'm wondering
specifically how to effeciently pull the data out of ejabberd?

Ideally, I'd like to retrieve avatars for users on other domains (thus
on xmpp servers not controlled by me) but I'll settle for just
retreiving Avatars for local users.

Thanks in advance.
Mitchel Constantin
Snap - A desktop user interface for Asterisk

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